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Privacy Policy

Privacy is the main concern of any hosting provider company. The hosting clown provides complete protection to your privacy. We use personal details relevant to deliver services, products, mobile applications, websites, and communication with you. The private details that we take includes

· Collected data that could indirectly, or directly identifies you
· Name
· Date of birth
· Address
· Telephone number
· Candidate information but only for job applicants
· Email address
· Billing and payment information.

Unlike others, the hosting clowns’ privacy policy not only shows why we use the user’s private details but also explains how we have the right to use, modify, or take control of our customer’s private details. Our trust center highlights complete details and answers to the common queries, instructions on practicing certain rights available to you, quick links to log in to your account settings, and also shows the concepts and definition to the terms discussed in this policy.

Our data protection officer (DPO) and dedicated team are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions or the practices or the below mention rights.To send your queries, you can reach us at We deliver an exceptional experience to our users by monitoring the email box actively, so it remains confidential between our users and us.

Why, how, and which information we collect from you
The most likely considered information collected from our users is as follows
i. when you purchase or create accounts, you give us the basic and most relevant information (ex, government identification, credit card numbers, address, name, billing information) to proceed the service or account creation process.
ii. Request newsletters, or fill our contact forms, or other details from us, including messages.
iii. Our award-winning customer support team responds to the requested assistance following the information required (ex, phone number or email)
iv. The participation in the survey, applied for jobs, contests, or activities we promote that requires essential information related to yourself.

However, apart from the information mentioned above, we also collect or gather additional information to ensure that we continue to provide optimal performance to our users. The methods aren’t new or obvious to you since it varies from time to time; we thought to share it with you.

Various technologies, including cookies on our website, help us in collecting relevant information about the page users.It allows us to track how many links you clicked, your browsing behavior, the items you purchased, the type of device you use, and other relevant data. This helps us to get complete analytics about how you interact or use our product or service. From metadata, lof files, cookies/devices IDs, server response time, approximate location information, to page load time, our technology automatically collects all your data. This helps us to improve our systems that include server configurations, network routing, and optimizing DNS resolutions. It helps in specific interactions with features, internet protocol addresses, content, and the links contained with the services, settings, and browser type, information about devices accessing the services. The date and time services were used, including the types of device, device settings, error data is collected, including the type of operating system, application IDs, and unique device identifiers. All the above information helps us in providing you with the relevant product offering, enhanced user experience, and helps in improving and analyzing our service performance level. To personalize our services, we collect your internal protocol address (IP Address). We constructed our cookie policy that helps in giving more details and make you learn on how we maintain the technologies we use on our website.You can opt for customized advertisements, or if you don’t want, then generic ads will be displayed according to your searches.

The supplemented data is gathered, collected, and received through the various resources other than our website cookies, or technologies. Although it could also include the publicly available database or the third parties that sell your data. We combine the received data with the information we already have about you, and expands, updates, and analyzes the record accuracy, assesses the qualification of the candidate, provides interest-based product or services, and identifies new customers. We only use the information for the specific reason for which it is provided, and never misses the information provided by you, or others gives to us.

The criteria for utilizing information

We believe in limiting the use and purpose of the data, and also in minimizing the data we collect to only that (1) for which we have taken permission or others have given to us (2) as urgently needed to deliver exceptional user experience, or the services or product you interacted with or purchased (3) for lawful purposes or permitted for legal compliances.

Enhancing, Improving, Updating, and delivering our Services. According to your purchase, interaction, or use of our service, we use the relevant information. The details are used to:

· Identify any errors, security risk, or enhancement needed to the services, or diagnose various problems.
· Prevent and detect services and systems abuse and fraud.
· Including website and mobile applications, we optimize and improve service performance.
· Analyze and understand the relevant products based on the services or products you use before.
· The use of services based statistics is collected.
The majority of our data isn’t based on personal information; instead, our collected data is statistical data or aggregated about the use of our services. This helps us in knowing the problems or shows us how we could improve and enhance our services.
Sharing Your Details With Trusted Third Parties. We can use your private details with those brands, corporate sectors anytime, or and trusted third parties that are affiliated with us. Or those who have combined to permit you to incorporate with their services while using our service. They perform services on our behalf; therefore, it will be necessary for them to know the relevant information such as
· Credit card payment procession
· Customer demographics and analysis of our services
· Serving advertisements
· Conducting surveys and contests
· Customer relationship management
· Recruiting maintain and associated services
· Communicating through survey delivery or email with you

The third parties are subject to strictly use or use the data as per to your consent. And prohibits all the sharing, retaining, and using the private details for any other purposes that never lies within the signed contract, and is without your consent. We never share your complete private details with any subcontractor and minimize the use as per the needs of the trusted-party providers to ensure the security of your private details.

To allow merger/facilitate, we may also share your information with third parties, in which case the acquiring company will continue to use your data in the manner for which it was intended to be used. It will be substantially the sale of all of our assets where the organization can continue to use your provided data.

Communication with our users. Direct or indirect contact through a trusted-party service supplier could be made regarding the services or the products you have registered or bought from us. For example, service-related or transactional communication. We may offer you the additional services by contacting you, as we might think it would be valuable if you provide your consent, or it is based on your interest. It is not required to provide your consent as a state to buy our services or goods which may includes

· Telephone calls
· Automated text messages or phone calls
· Messenger applications such as Whatsapp, Wechat, etc
· Emails
· Text SMS messages

By signing and visiting the account settings page, you can update subscription preferences concerning receive communication from our trusted third-party or us.

We will immediately clear the gathers all the details and the privacy policy that will apply to it, in case we gather all the details from you in connection with a co-branded offer. Also, you will have options to consider, concerning the use or share private details with co-branded partners. Therefore, we won’t be accountable for the privacy practices of trusted-party sites. You need to read the privacy policy section when visiting other websites to be sure of the use of personal information.

We will only use contacts or private details for the requested services in case you make use of a service that enables users to import contacts. In the end, still, you think someone personally had given us your private details and requested to remove it from our database, so contact us at, and we will help you answer your queries, and do any favors as per the privacy policy.

Private details are transmitted abroad. You can move your personal details internationally if you use our Facilities from one place to another state where our databases are based. We can also offer you our assistance from one of our international offices outside your country when you contact us or start a conversation.

Compliance with demands from regulation, administrative and legislative authorities. We work with legal authorities and private parties to uphold and follow the rules. We cannot make any details regarding you accessible to government authorities or investigators or private businesses If we think it is correct or reasonable, at our absolute discretion, to reply to claims and judicial proceedings (including applications for a summons), to defend our land and rights or the ownership and rights of a trusted party, to defend the privacy of the community or any individual, or to avoid or stop actions that we find unlawful or inappropriate.

To the degree that we are mandated by law to do it anyway, we will take appropriate measures to contact you in case we are asked to offer third parties with your private details as part of the legal procedure. We will also give your details when you register a domain name with us to the degree responsible for dealing with any ICANN, registration system, or ccTLD guidelines, policies, and practices. This involves transferring domain name registration details to the appropriate domain register manager and online payment service for purposes vital to preserving the protection, integrity, and resilience of the Web, and publishing that details when needed by ICANN in the official WHOIS database or with other third parties showing a valid legal involvement in these kinds of details.

How we maintain, save, and protect your information.

We adopt widely agreed principles to preserve and secure personal details that we get, both during transfer and once collected and stored, along with, where applicable, use of encryption.

· We only hold private details for as much as it is appropriate to offer the Services you have asked and for several legitimate regulatory or security reasons afterward. This may cover maintenance phases: 1. Made mandatory by statute, agreement, or related responsibilities which relate to our activities;
· For the security, resolution, defense or compliance of our legal / ownership rights; or
· Required to keep company and financial information sufficient and correct.
If you have any concerns about your private details being stored or maintained, please email us at

How to view, change, or remove your information.

To quickly identify, display, edit, remove, or transfer your private details or change your membership requirements, please log in to your account and click “Account Settings.” For more details and instructions on viewing, modifying, or deleting files, visit the website, our Trust Center.

If you ask that your private details be removed and that more information is appropriate for the goods or services you have provided, the application will only be grateful to the degree that it is no longer needed for any benefits offered or required for our valid activities or lawful or administrative data collection purposes.

When you’re unable to manage your Account Settings or our Trust Center for any purpose, you can also email us at or “Contact Us” section below.

The E.U-U.S and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks.

Our parent organization, Hosting Clown Operating Company, LLC (and associated organizations like, LLC, Blue Razor Domains, LLC, Starfield Technology, LLC, Domains by Proxy, LLC, Outright, Inc., Mad Mimi, Inc. and Media Temple, Inc.) is interested in and has approved its enforcement with the EU-U.S. And the Switzerland-U.S. System for Privacy Protection. Hosting Clown Operating Company, LLC undertakes to submit all private details obtained from the EU or Switzerland to the relevant Standards of the Law, based on the Protection Shield Policy. Check the US for more detail on the Confidentiality Shield System. Confidentiality Shield Record by the Commerce Department., LLC is accountable for all Protection Shield System for the collection of private details they get, and then passes it to a trusted party operating as an intermediary on its behalf., LLC adheres to the Protection Shield Guidelines for all forwarding of private details from the EU and Switzerland, such as the requirements on forwarding transit responsibility.

According to each Protection Shield System,, LLC is liable to U.S. legislative, legal powers concerning private details obtained or passed. Federal Commercial Authority. In some cases,, LLC might be needed to reveal private details in responding to legitimate demands from government officials, such as meeting requirements of national security or federal authorities.</p.

Whether you have any questions about unanswered confidentiality or internet usage that we have not fully answered, please feel free to get in touch with us at our U.S. trusted party dispute resolution service (usually for free) at https:/ In some circumstances, which are more clearly outlined on the Protection Shield platform, compulsory arbitration can be used where some dispute settlement processes are in place, LLC contributes to addressing issues concerning our processing or use of your private details, in accordance with the Protection Shield Standards. In the segment “Call or email us” below in this Privacy statement, EU and Switzerland members with investigations or concerns about our Protection Shield policy must first email us in some way., LLC has also dedicated to working with the committee set up by the EU Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and the Switzerland Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) on outstanding Data Privacy Shield issues relating to performance management data going from the EU and Swiss regarding the jobs partnership.

The alerts ‘Do Not Track.’

Many platforms enable you to immediately alert sites that you are visiting and don’t track you using a “Do Not Track” warning. There is no agreement between members in the business about what “Do Not Track” indicates in this situation. Like other websites and internet services, when we get a “Do Not Track” warning from a user’s browser, we do not actually change our activities. You might wish to check to figure out more from “Do Not Track.”

Age Limitation.
Our Facilities are only accessible to everyone over the age of 18. Our Offerings are not supposed to be tailored, accessed, or planned to attract people under the age of 18. If you are aware or have evidence to suggest that someone under the age of 18 has sent us any private details, please get in touch with us.

We won’t discriminate against you for upholding any of your personal rights. We do not:
· Except allowed under relevant legislation. Reject the products or services to you.
· For products or services, cost you various mounts or fees, either by offering discounts or other incentives or by enforcing fines.
· Offer you with a particular level of products or services, or price.
· Say that you will always obtain a particular value or cost for products or services or another standard of products or services or reliability.
Updates to this policy.

We demand the right to, at any point, change this Privacy Policy. If we plan to amend our Privacy Policy, we will post those updates to this Privacy Policy and any other locations that we find necessary. So that you are notified of what details we gather, what we do with it, and under what conditions we reveal it if there are any. If we make significant adjustments to this Privacy Policy, we will inform you here, by email, or via a notification on our website, at least thirty (30) days before the adjustments are enforced.

Private Details Protection Authority.

If you are a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) and consider that we are liable to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your private details, you the pointed queries or concerns to your relevant administrative regulator or to our leading regulatory legitimacy, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, as stated below:
Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF, United Kingdom
Phone: (+1) 917-9937790

Contact us.

If you have any doubts, complaints, or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, our procedures, or our Facilities regarding privacy, please feel free to contact our DPO office by sending us an email at Alternatively, you can reach us through any of the following ways:

· Call Us: (+1) 917-9937790
· By Email:
· By Mail: 47 W 13th St, New York, Seattle, NY 10011, USA
We will answer all requests, inquiries, or concerns within a month.