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Enterprise Resource Planning & Customer Relationship Management (ERP & CRM)

Enterprise Resource Planning

Don’t let your organization adapt to the very same statistics that your enterprise resource planning (ERP) program expected to churn out. Instead, search for information that can assist you in overcoming how well a particular application is working, including the most important factors.

Do you want to see your company is driven, ready for technological progress?

Hosting Clown offers an industry-aligned overview of the application of the ERP. We enable our customers to figure out the challenges and benefits of ERP approaches, such as life-cycle exposures.

This collective strategy to finding the best alternative and its life-cycle analysis efficiently and effectively leads to short-and long-term core competencies, progress, and risk reduction while maintaining higher ROI for these initiatives.

Hosting Clown’s experts have years of hands-on experience in designing complicated business resource software strategies to outsource delivery models. Our experts trained with the latest software and technology, like the range of certifications on the Microsoft and Oracle platforms.

We Provide:

Technical Development

Change management

Customization and Enhancements

Customer Relationship Management

CRM takes businesses close to their clients!

We are assisting your company in achieving growth by bringing everyone close to your business. We’re encouraging you to connect and grow more customers with us.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the best solution for businesses seeking to simplify their product development processes while providing better customer support.

Markable Solutions offers a broad range of CRM database management tools that allow customers to optimize their CRM system and achieve their customer relationship management objectives.

We support businesses with CRM complete set, deployment, training, development tools, lead strategic planning, and CRM Database Validation / Cleaning.

We have an expert team who can handle various CRMs easily, like, Oracle CRM, Sugar CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics. Choose the best CRM system to maximize your sales efficiency, increase your sales, and increase your profits.

We support customers with side-step CRM problems, including:

Trouble in choosing the best CRM database management service

Inability to combine sales and marketing strategies

Hard to find the best partner for the deployment and maintenance of CRM

Unable to handle CRM leads / connections / clients / suppliers

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