Web Migration

Web Migration Service

To Us:

The Web Migration Service team at Hosting Clown is devoted to providing you with a well-organized and as uneventful a migration as possible.

Whether you are migrating from a present Hosting Clown server (internal migration) or from another host (external migration) into Hosting Clown, it is significant that we work jointly to make sure an efficient transfer of information.

To Any:

Your website transfer is handled by our specialist. We will shift your website between any two web hosting companies with no downtime, at a time of your selecting. We will handle DNS and domain transfers too, to make the migration procedure as easy as feasible.

What We Need?

You have to provide us your old and new hosting company, and we will shift your website. CMS of your website does not matter. But your website must be bug free and the new web hosting company supports it.

Extremely No downtime

It is our specialty that we transfer thousands of websites without any disturbance. For eCommerce websites, we can also make sure reliability across providers, in this manner you have no fear of losing your sale or disturbing your customers.

How Much Time Migration Process Takes?

After getting an order confirmation we instantly start migration. Mostly we do it in an hour but in some cases it takes a day because of a lot of files or migration bugs.

You have to give us an exact time to do the migration (24/7/365) as you can choose it after office hours. We can also give a preview link to check how your website is going, on a new web hosting provider.

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