I am Amara. I am house wife. My husband is Civil engineer. His posting is in abroad. Most time of the day I am free. In my free time I often did chat with my friends, watched TV shows and use Facebook.

One of my friends that was on Facebook told me about Hosting Clown, she was interested to run Online Boutique. She shared this idea to me. But we both were new and have no idea where to start?

Then luckily, I got an idea to send mail to Hosting Clown team. I got immediate reply in which they had told that they will do each and everything and charge a little. I paid them from my PayPal account. I and my friend provided them all product images, content and prices. Product images we captured from our camera. In 5 days, Hosting Clown team delivered our online store.

There professional team guide us each and every thing how to place new products etc. Now we are successfully running our Online Boutique. Whenever we stuck, we immediately contact to Hosting Clown team. They always resolve issues in no time.

Thanks very much to Hosting Clown for such an excellent favor.