Success Stories

Katherine M

I am Irish graduate and divorced 2 years ago. My job was in medicine company in my home town. I want to shift from there, but one thing made me worry that if I will shift, how can I get better job.

One day I found an Ad on Google.That was a Web Hosting company’s Ad. There I found how to start Reseller Hosting Business. I got it easy, then I click on Ad and the link drove me to I did not persuade myself so much lucky, but I was!

Anyway, I click on Reseller Hosting, there comes 3 packages to choose, but I went with mail option and send mail to Support team. Eventually I got mail from them, in which they guided me all Web Hosting business. There were many queries in my mind, so I composed another mail to Hosting Clown Support team. They replied in no time and answered my all questions.

I selected Moon package and ordered. Support team provided me a premium domain name which cost was more than normal domain. But I buy it as well as Moon Reseller package too. Support team did all from scratch. They charged little and within 7 days they handed over my web hosting website.

They also did On page and Off page SEO for my website. More they drove traffic to my website. This traffic gave me some initial customers and my business started.

Today 8 months have passed and I have more than 1200 customers on my Web Hosting website. I also shifted to United Kingdom from Ireland. Monthly I am earning 4-figure earning and it’s start.

This all credit goes to Hosting Clown which gave me chance to come out from chaos. Thanks:).